Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Defeat This Politics of Violence: A CPI(M) publication

This pamphlet aims to bring out the true facts about the recent developments in West Bengal. It is difficult for people outside the State to comprehend the extent of the politics of violence being practiced against Left cadre and supporters by the combine led by the Trinamul Congress. In the last over three decades of Left front Government in West Bengal, the state has been more or less free of the kind of vandalism and violence we are witnessing today.
The facts in this pamphlet provide details of and context of the present violence. There is a virtual blackout in the media, with a few honourable exceptions, of reports of the brutality of the violence and the extent of it. It would seem that sections of the media have taken on the role of an opposition partyin West Bengal with not even a fig leaf of impartiality.This is not a new development. However, the vitriol and the range of personalised attacks certainly provide a new low in the record of media reporting.The most recent examples are the misleading reports on Lalgarh and its developments. It is being reported as if the entire adivasi community has been alienated from the CPI (M).
However, the fact remains that in spite of the concerted efforts of the TMC alliance with its overt and covert contact and work with the Maoists in the area, in the Lok Sabha elections, the CPI (M) candidate Comrade Pulin Baskey won the ST reserved seat by around 3 lakh votes. The Binpur Assembly constituency, under which Lalgarh falls, was won by the Jharkhand Party in the last asembly election. In the Lok Sabha elections however, the Left Front candidate won a majority in the Binpur Assembly segment. Lalgarh is a Gram Panchayat within the Binpur block in West Midnapur district. There are nine GPs in the same block. Binpur Assembly constituency is composed of the GPs of Binpur I and II.
Details of how the situation in Lalgarh developed following the failed attempt by the Maoists to kill Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya on November 2,2008 are given in this pamphlet. The links of the TMC chieftain with the Maoists have been exposed in the statements given by Maoist leaders themselves. These too are detailed in this pamphlet. Just before the 15th Lok Sabha elections were announced, the TMC supremo herself went to express her solidarity with thepro-Maoist committee (Peoples Committee against Police Atrocities) formed in the area under the leadership of a former Trinamul Congress leader Chhatradhar Mahato. She shared the same platform to address the people in the presence of the leadership of the PCAPA. No other political party was allowed to visit the area, which had been blockaded by the committee. However, while Left party leaders were being targeted and sought to be killed, she along with other TMC leaders could go there without any security!
Today when she disclaims any contact with these groups does it have any credibility? It is also now clear as daylight that the TMC is playing the main role in creating chaos and disorder along with the other right-wing political parties as well as the left extremist political outfits. This fact has been corroborated by one of the topmost leader of the CPI(Maoist), Koteswara Rao (Kishanji), through a TV interview. He confirmed that they helped the TMC to drive out the CPI(M) from Nandigram and adjacent areas. In return, he wanted the TMC leader who was now a Union Minister to come forward and help them to do same in Lalgarh. These details are also brought out in this pamphlet.
It must be underlined that contrary to the claims made by asection of pro-Maoist intellectuals that they are revolutionaries, these self-styled Maoists have nothing incommon with the work and practice of the great revolutionary Mao-Tse Tung. During the lifetime and after the demise of comrade Mao, the Chinese Communist Party(CPC) never used the term ‘Maoism,’ to denote a theory. Rather, in the literature of the CPC and in the documents of their Party Congress's, the CPC has said that it follows Marxism-Leninism and Mao-ze Dong Thought.
It is evident through the interpretation of the CPC how comrade Mao applied Marxism-Leninism to the specific conditions obtaining in China basing on its special characteristics. This is known as Mao-ze Dong thought.Those who are using the term ‘Maoism,’ are completely disregarding and dishonouring the vast revolutionary activities of Comrade Mao. These self-styled Maoists have degenerated into armed groups and have no qualms in killing poor people who dare oppose their extortionist terror.
This pamphlet contains two articles published in The Hinduwritten by senior journalist Shri Praveen Swami, which give details about the situation in Lalgarh.Women have been particularly affected in the ongoing violence.
A report of the West Bengal Women’s Commisson of their recent investigation into incidents of violence and the impact on women is also included in the this pamphlet.
All Party units throughout the country are campaigning insolidarity with the Left movement in West Bengal and to protest the attacks on the CPIM) and Left cadre and supporters. We have to expose the true nature of the activities of the CPI (Maoist) and their wrong politics and actions in Lalgarh and elsewhere. We have to also expose the politics of violence of the TMC led combine and its links with the Maoists. I believe this pamphlet will contribute to strengthening this effort.
Biman Basu
Member, Polit Bureau
Secretary, West Bengal State Committee
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